Island Beef

Claddagh Signature Beef

Aged 50 Days In-House

All Claddagh Oyster House beef dishes feature our distinctive in-house flavour, regardless of cut. That taste and texture profile is the result of aging our beef for 50 days, bringing out its natural flavour and enhancing its tenderness.

The best fresh beef from Island farmers

Certified Island Beef

from Local Farms

Our local farmers raise their stock following the highest of standards, which includes a diet of Island grass, grains & produce. Claddagh Oyster House beef is aged in-house for a minimum of 50 days; 40 days wet aged and 10 days dry aged, and is butchered in-house and to order. We take great pride in our premium beef dishes, and the quality we serve our guests.

Served to

Your Taste

Our in-house aging process, fresh certified beef sourced from local farms, and the culinary excellence that our chef and kitchen bring on a daily basis means that beef connoisseurs are in for something special.


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